Application Development

After careful system analysis, Primary Data Solutions develops fast, user-friendly desktop, client-server and web applications utilizing the latest development tools . Our staff's experience in fundraising, marketing and other ventures, grants us the subtle understanding of the client's and user's needs that only comes from experience. This experience translates into more useful, productive applications. In other words, we not only how to make the computers go, we know what they should do and why.

We currently develop with Microsoft Visual Foxpro, utilizing the Visual FoxExpress Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework. With Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and n-tier development we are able to deliver stable, flexible applications that can easily adapt and expand to a client's future needs. Additionally, by using an established commercially-available framework, clients are not married to one developer for any future changes, but can call on a large pool of developers experienced with the foundations of the applications and the development tools.