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Visual Foxpro Links


Universal Thread
The premier online place to get and give help about Foxpro. Ask questions, answer questions, complain about Microsoft, download files and more.


F1 Technologies
The producers of Visual FoxExpress -- simply, IMHO,the best framework for Visual Foxpro.


Fox Wiki
A Foxpro discussion site. Hard to explain.

  Hentzenwerke Publishing
THE publisher for Foxpro Books. They also put on the Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.

Potomac Area Foxpro User Group
The Foxpro user group for the Washington, D.C. area.


West Wind Technologies
Makers of Visual Foxpro web and internet tools.


DBI Technologies
These guys make great ActiveX controls, specifically designed to work with Visual Foxpro.


Jim Booth's Site
Leading Foxpro guru who's been kind enough to post a lot of good information.


The Visual Foxpro newsletter.


Foxpro Advisor
The Visual Foxpro magazine.


Direct Marketing Links

  Mailer's Software
Makers of software for mailers. As far as I know, the only people to have a COM component that can CASS a record.

Area Code Information
All about the splits.


Desktop Mailer from FirstLogic
According to my tests, the best CASS-presort software for the money.


Other Interesting & Useful Links

  The Ultimates
Check all major web phone book directories at once.

DSL Reports
Reviews of DSL providers. Also has utilities to test your speed, find the distance to your CO and more.